FAQs for New Zello Users (due to Hurricane Irma)

These are the most commonly asked questions and answers:


Q. I did not get any Welcome email to verify my email.  My channel requires email verification.  What can I do?

A. Sign in using your account at zello.com, then make sure the email shown is correct and click the link to resend verification email. If you didn't receive it within 10 minutes your email provider may be blocking Zello. In that case you can try using a different email or contact Zello support. Please note that Zello does not require email verification to work, only selected channels do.

Q. Can Zello run without Internet or phone data service? 

A. No, Zello requires Internet service using either WiFi or cellular data of at least 2G. Also read:


Q. How can I get Zello?

A. Search App Store or Google Play for "Zello", install it. Then start the app and select "I don't have Zello account" on the first screen. To install on iPad select "iPhone only" option when searching.

Q. Can I change or edit my username?

A. No, usernames cannot be changed, but you can create an alias name to display instead by filling in the "Name" field in the account profile. Open the account profile by tapping on the profile picture at the upper left corner of main menu (iOS). The alias name can be changed at any time. 

Q. I don't remember my username/password.

A. See I forgot my password/username - Help!

Q. Can you delete my account? 

A.  No, only users can delete their own accounts. You can delete your account by selecting the red "Delete" button in the account profile or signing in at zello.com

Q. Having issues with adding Account, Contacts, Channels, and using Echo, what can I do?

A. We had issues Tues and Weds (9/5-9/6) due to server overload resulting from high volume of new users.  Most issues were resolved late yesterday. Restart the app.  If it's still not fixed, give us your username so we can further investigate

Q. How do I use this app?

A. We have step-by-step instructions in our User Guides.  If after reading that, you still don't understand something, let us know. 


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