How do I get rid of Trolls on my Channel?

Zello provides a wide assortment of tools for owner, admins, and mods to help manage their channels and reduce or eliminate disruptive users. 

Here are our recommendations to help channels become more productive and inviting to users. The channel profile settings can be changed at any time by the Owner or Admins.

1) Consider using a protected channel type.  We have 4 channel types, each with varying degrees of protection:

- ANYONE CAN TALK - Least protected channel type. Anyone can listen and talk

- ZELECT - New users can only listen, cannot talk until made "trusted" by a Mod/Admin

- ZELECT+ - New users cannot listen or talk until made "trusted" by a Mod/Admin

- LISTEN ONLY (ZELLOCAST) - No one can talk except Owner, Mod/Admins. Everyone can listen. 

2) Turn on these 2 settings to verify a person's identity:



3) Add PASSWORD REQUIRED.  Distribute the channel password via email, Twitter, FB or some other private means

4) Use blocking tools.  The Owner should assign an adequate number of Admins/Mods to "block" disruptive users.  You can also temporarily bounce and mute users.  Admins can assign online users to become Mods

5) Rethink whether you need a channel.  Do you only want to talk to friends and family?  Then you really don't need a channel.  Just talk one-to-one on Contacts or set up Group Conversations for those contacts.  It's faster and no one outside of your group can listen or enter the Group. See Creating a Group Conversation

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