Trademark and Copyright Infringement Policy

What is a Trademark or Copyright Policy Violation?

Using another's trademark or copyrighted material in a channel name, username, or within a profile description in an attempt to mislead or confuse others may be a violation of our trademark policy. Using a trademark or copyright material in an attempt to impersonate another organization or person is a violation of Zello policy. 

What is not a Violation?

Use of a trademark or copyrighted material as a reference or in a way that clearly does not intend to impersonate the holder may not be a violation. A clear disclaimer in the channel or user profile description that the channel or username is not affiliated or endorsed by the trademark holder may also be acceptable. Copyrighted material that has been approved or given proper attribution or credit may not be a violation, depending on use. 

How do I Report a Trademark or Copyright Infringement?

If you are the trademark/copyright owner or an authorized representative, and you feel a channel or user account has used your trademark/copyrighted material in a way that is deceptive and intended to impersonate your brand, please submit a ticket by emailing In the ticket, include the following information:

1. Your full name name and relationship to the trademark (owner or authorized rep). If you are not the owner or authorized rep, we cannot accept the report 

2. Exact description of trademark or copyrighted material and an explanation of why you feel it has been infringed upon 

3. Copy of documentation showing you or your client owns the trademark or copyrighted materials

4. Screenshot and/or links to the channel or user account you feel has infringed on your trademark or copyrights

5. Contact information including your email, phone number, and website.

What is the Process for Resolving Disputes?

If Zello determines that there is a valid complaint of trademark or copyright infringement: 

1. Zello Support will contact the channel or user account owner and inform them via email that a trademark or copyright holder has submitted a complaint against them

2. The channel or username will be given an opportunity to correct the situation within 5 business days

3. Zello Support will provide your contact information to the channel or account owner, in the event they want to mediate a solution with you

4. If after 5 business days, the channel or account holder has not responded or refused to correct the infringement, Zello Support will take action to remove the channel or account 

5. Both parties involved in a dispute will be kept informed of the status of the report and upon resolution, the ticket will be closed.

Questions? Submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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