Integrate Zello with your app

PTT functionality from your app

Add a PTT button from your Android application. 

With the commands below you can:

  • Push-to-talk from your application while Zello is in the background

When the button is pressed:

Intent intent = new Intent("com.zello.ptt.down");
intent.putExtra("com.zello.stayHidden", true);

When the button is released:

Intent intent = new Intent("com.zello.ptt.up");
intent.putExtra("com.zello.stayHidden", true);

These commands only work for the Zello Android application. 


Add and open a Zello channel to your users's channel list from your Android or iOS application. 

The Zello URL-scheme below will:

  • Add [channelname] to a user's channel list and open channel talk screen
  • If the user has [channelname] in his channel list, it will simply open that channel talk screen
URL: zello://[channelname]?add_channel


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    Which scheme do you refer to?
    Will this also work with ZelloWork?

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