Deleting History

Zello stores your conversation history with your channels and contacts on the individual device where the messages were received. To delete your History, follow the instructions below.

Once messages have been deleted from your History, they cannot be restored.

iPhone Version

From Channel/Contact History Screen

  1. Press and hold the message you wish to delete.
  2. Select Delete from the menu that appears.
  3. If you wish to delete messages in bulk or your entire History with a channel or contact, press and hold a message and select More.
  4. You can then select messages manually using the circles that appear to the left of each message or select Delete All in the top left corner.



From Settings

  1. Select History.
  2. From the History menu, you can delete either your entire conversation history (with all contacts and channels) or your image history (with all contacts and channels).


Android Version

From Channel/Contact History Screen

  1. Press and hold a message.
  2. To delete a single message, select Delete message.
  3. To delete your entire History with that channel or contact, select Delete all messages.


From Options

  1. Select History.
  2. To delete your History with all contacts and channels, select Clear All.
  3. You can also adjust your storage limits and set messages to delete after a certain period of time.



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