Zello Community Guidelines

Respect the Zello community

Thank you for making the effort to respect the Zello community. This golden rule does the trick: Treat others as you want to be treated. Using Zello requires some level of trust. We believe you will be responsible, and that others will do the same.

Owner and User Responsibilities

Owners are responsible for security and activity in their channels, and users are similarly responsible for their accounts and who they allow to contact them. We recommend not accepting channel and contact invites from people you do not know. You can block unwanted contacts or remove channels you don't want to participate in.

Zello cannot fix user disputes, and Zello representatives will seldom intervene. Zello will not consider requests from users to:

  • Ban other users or channels
  • Un-ban accounts
  • Re-assign channels
  • Investigate stolen accounts
  • Change emails without proof of ownership.

Please flag any activity in a channel you feel violates community guidelines so we can track and monitor it. Report any credible threats of harm to you or the public to the FBI or your local law enforcement. Zello will provide user data to these agencies upon submission of a subpoena. 

Common sense rules

 Here are rules that will help you become a respected member of the Zello community and avoid being blocked or banned:

  • Use language appropriate for the channel.
  • Don’t abuse other users, make threats, harass, intimidate, invade privacy and urge others to commit violent acts or violate the TOS.
  • Don’t share explicit content in Zello, even if it’s about you. Be aware that we will work with law enforcement to report child exploitation.
  • Don’t shock or disgust.
  • Don’t share other people’s personal information.
  • Don't impersonate another user or channel.
  • Don't use trademarks that you don't own.

Channel administration guidelines

The following outlines how channel administration and moderation work in Zello:

  • The person who creates the channel is the Owner.
  • Owners can block users.
  • Owners may appoint and revoke Administrators and Moderators.
  • Administrators can change some channel settings and manage users by trusting, untrusting, muting, bouncing, or blocking them. Moderators can only manage users.
  • Untrusted or blocked users can’t access the channel.

Please follow these rules when creating channels :

  • Don't create channel (or user) names that imply an official relationship with Zello.
  • Avoid misleading titles or descriptions and don't use repetitive keywords.
  • Don't create unused channels to "park" a name. Idle channels will be automatically removed.
  • Channels that try to "game the system" and use tactics to increase their rank on Trending without engaging in real conversations will be removed from Trending or banned entirely.

Also refer to our Terms of Service and Channel Moderation Guidelines for information about activity not allowed on channels. And, yes, Zello really enforces these guidelines.

The Zello team reviews complaints and reports for possible violations of our TOS and Community Guidelines. If we find a violation, we may block a user or channel without warning. Repeated violations can lead to a permanent ban and account termination. Users with terminated accounts will not be allowed to create new ones.

Zello is for everyone

This is our community. Each of us makes Zello what it is. So go on and have fun! You’ll meet amazing and inspiring people from all over the world. You’ll hear their stories. You’ll share your stories. You’ll make new friendships, renew old ones, and build stronger ones. As long as you respect the Community Guidelines and the Zello community, you’ll have many memorable and enriching experiences.

How to report problems

With such a diverse community, you may hear things you don’t like. Sometimes it’s a difference of opinions and beliefs. In this case, how about switching channels and listening to something else? You can also block a channel. Don’t waste precious time and energy listening to something you don’t like. If someone violates our TOS or these guidelines, please use the flag and “Report user” option or email support@zello.com. If you find a channel violating our TOS or these guidelines, use the flag and “Report channel” option or email support@zello.com.

Promoting Zello

Please feel free to broadly promote your Zello channel. You may use Zello's logo without any modification. If your resource is about Zello, just clearly mark it as an "unofficial" source.

Don't register Zello's name or trademarks as your own, or Zello may need to take legal action.


That's all folks! Thanks for reading and respecting!

— The Zello Team

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