Channel Moderation Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for the Owner, Administrators, and Moderators of private and public channels. 

Zello’s mission is to improve human flourishing through live voice for better cooperation and companionship. Zello channels help to carry out this mission, and public channels are for all of us.

It’s the channel Owners, Admins, and Moderators who make the difference between a fun and robust channel and one that pushes people away. Sometimes you have to take action to block users. Just be sure not to violate the Zello Community Guidelines or arbitrarily remove users.

If you don’t want a public channel that everyone can access, you can create a Zelect, Zelect+, or password-protected channel to control who can join your channel.

Activity not allowed on channels and valid reasons to block a user:

The following activity is not condoned or allowed on channels. They are also valid reasons to block a user. You can also refer to the Zello Community Guidelines for other details. We reserve the right to remove any channels that knowingly and routinely violate and disregard these guidelines.

  • Bullying and harassment. Zello does not tolerate bullying or harassment. While we allow users to speak freely, we don’t allow abusive behavior directed at individuals or their family. Repeatedly targeting other users with unwanted contact requests or messages is harassment.
  • Violence and threats. No one in the Zello community may threaten to harm others or plan violent acts. Zello will remove any such content. If we believe there’s a risk of physical harm or a threat to public safety, Zello will report it to law enforcement. We also prohibit promoting, planning, or celebrating any actions involving financial harm to others, including theft and vandalism.
  • Nudity and pornographic content. Channels should not allow images of explicit nudity or sexual content not appropriate for a general audience. This includes images of genitalia and sexual acts. Content pertaining to pedophilia, sexual violence or exploitation of minors is not allowed, and such activity may be reported to law enforcement.
  • False identity/invasion of privacy. People use their identities to connect and share on Zello. This creates a culture of accountability and builds trust. Claiming to be another person, creating multiple accounts, or falsely representing an organization undermines the community. Also, publishing other users’ personal information and photos on public channels without their permission is not allowed.
  • Hate speech. Zello does not permit hate speech aimed towards groups, whether protected by the law or not. Hate speech is when people attack other people.
  • Phishing and spam. We take the safety of our members seriously and work to prevent attempts to compromise their privacy or security. We also expect you to respect our members by not contacting them for commercial purposes without their consent or sending out spam invites to users to join your Contact lists or Channels.
  • Self-harm. We prohibit content that promotes or encourages suicide or any other type of self-injury, including self-mutilation and eating disorders. People can, however, share information about self-injury and suicide that does not promote these things.
  • Criminal and illegal activity. We prohibit the use of Zello to promote or organize criminal activity that causes physical harm to people and animals, or financial damage to people or businesses. We will work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety.
  • Sale of controlled substances. We will prohibit any attempts by private individuals to purchase, sell, or trade prescription or illegal drugs on Zello channels.
  • Endangerment of minors. Our Terms of Service (TOS) does not allow users under the age of 13. Minors aged 13-18 may participate with the consent of a parent or legal guardian; however they should not be allowed to engage in adult situations or conversations that can lead to sexual exploitation and mental or physical harm to the minor. Any channel allowing this activity will be removed, and adults involved may also be reported to law enforcement.
  • Terrorism or dangerous organizations. We don’t allow any organizations or individuals that are engaged in, or promote, the following to have a presence on Zello: terrorist activity, organized crime, mass or serial murderers, organized hate groups.

Invalid reasons for blocking a user

You should not block users for the following reasons:

  • Listening. Not everyone wants to participate in a conversation; some users prefer to just listen. Don’t block users just because they don’t participate in the conversation.
  • Free speech. We encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices. Don’t block users just because you don’t agree with what they say. (The only exceptions are the previously mentioned reasons for blocking.)
  • Cliques. Part of the fun of Zello is making new friends and connecting with people. Don’t block users just because they’re not part of your inner circle.

Trending Channels Process and Policy

Zello’s trending lists promote active channels and makes channels visible to new subscribers. If you don’t want your channel displayed on the trending lists, go to the channel profile page and set “Show in trending” or "Promote" to No.

Channels move up and down on the trending lists based on current activity. To be approved for trending lists, channels also need to follow our TOS and Zello Moderation Guidelines as outlined in this document.

NOTE: 18+ channels are not displayed on the Filtered trending list. To view all trending channels, set Trending channels to All.

Trending channels require:
1. At least one admin, moderator, or the owner online.
2. Active conversation between subscribers.
3. Phone number verification from the account owner.

Trending is not affected by:
1. Total channel subscribers. Trending works as well for two subscribers or one million subscribers.
2. The number of online users. Passive users are fine, but they won’t help. Fake users are just noise.
3. The number of red flags submitted against it.

Channels may be blocked or removed from trending for:
Blatant disregard of Zello’s Moderation Guidelines or Terms of Service including, but not limited to:
1. Promoting illegal activities, pornography, violence, racism, hate speech or threats to people or groups through conversations, texts, or imagery.
2. Promoting bullying, harassment, suicide, self-harm, and spam channel invites.
3. Promoting or allowing disclosure of personal information about other subscribers or individuals.
4. Obscenity within the channel name, profile picture, or both.
5. Insufficient moderation of subscribers or misuse of moderator assignments by owner and admins.

Zello reserves the right to remove channels permanently from Trending at any time without notice.

Channel ownership transfers

As a channel owner, you may transfer channel ownership to another user at any time. This user must also be a moderator in your channel. Transfers are permanent and cannot be reversed by Zello. Never give out your account password to other users or pass channels to other users on a temporary basis. Owners are responsible for all activity and consequences resulting from channel transfers. Zello will not consider any requests to intervene or change ownership back to the previous owner.

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