How can I share a channel?

 You can share a channel by SMS, email, on Facebook or Twitter. On the talk screen of a channel tap Eye icon to open a channel profile page. Tap Share icon. (Channel share feature is currently supported only on the iPhone app).

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Also, you can invite your Zello contacts to join a channel. It can be your channel or any other you have found. If you invite your Zello contacts to password protected channels, they won't need to know the password. All they have to do is to accept the invitation.

You can access the ‘Invite friends’ feature by opening  the channel users list.  Select the users from your Contacts on Zello or use your Address book to invite those who don't have Zello account. Then tap Invite.

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Your friends will receive the invitation in the new ‘Channels’ tab.  It will display the name of the channel and who sent the invitation.  


You can accept or decline the invitation.  If you accept, the channel will be added to your Channels list.



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