How to Mute Un-trusted Users in Zelect Mode

If you have a Zelect type channel, that means that new users can only listen until approved by the owner or moderator as a “trusted user.”  New users have to speak to the admin or moderator in order to gain “trusted user” status and talk in the channel. This can be useful if you have a channel with a limited amount of activity and can spend enough time approving new users.  

However, if you have a very busy channel and not enough mods to approve new users on the spot, you can use a feature to temporarily mute new un-trusted users, so that any requests for approval are sent directly to history.  You can then go to the history at a later time, listen to the messages, and then decide whether to mute, block, or trust the new user. 

For IPhones, go to the talk screen, tap on the down arrow at the right of the channel name.  Select the “Mute un-trusted users” option shown below:


On the Android, the mute setting is found in the moderator tools drop-down.  On the talk screen, tap on the down arrow to the right of the channel name and select the “Mute un-trusted users” option shown below: 


When you want to go back to regular Zelect mode, turn the mute feature off to hear all new users real-time for approval. 

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