Selecting a Zello Channel Type

There are 5 channel types in Zello that can be set during Channel creation:  

  1.  Anyone can talk
  2.  Listen only
  3.  Zelect
  4.  Zelect+
  5.  Password protected.

 When creating a channel, be sure to select the type of channel you want. Keep in mind that if you choose “Anyone can talk” that means ANYBODY can listen and talk, including people you may not want in your channel. You and your moderators will need to constantly monitor your channel to block people (trolls) who disrupt the channel. If you love drama and maximum exposure, choose this channel type.   

If you want to use Zello as a public service announcement service, radio show, and do not want others talking except admin and mods, “Listen only” which is the same as a broadcast-only channel, would be the choice for you. We have many weather, traffic, and scanner channels using Listen only.

The “Zelect” channel gives admins and mods the most flexibility. In Zelect mode, only the admin, mods, and trusted users can talk, but anybody can listen when first joining the channel.  In Zelect+ mode, new users cannot listen OR talk.  If you are a new user and want to participate, you have to get approved as a trusted user by the admin or a mod. If you want to keep your channel open, but don’t want to monitor it 24/7 to block disruptive people, choose Zelect or Zelect+.  

 For the ultimate in privacy, select the “Password protect” field when creating your channel. Only users who know the password will be able to listen and talk on your channel. If your channel is mainly used for group chats between friends, family, or co-workers, set your channel as password protected.

If you create a channel with one type and decide to change to another type later, or want to temporarily change the channel type, simply go to the channel profile page and edit the channel type setting. The change is instantaneous. You can change the channel type as often as needed. For instance, you can set it to “Anybody can talk” during peak hours when multiple moderators are available to block and then switch it to “Zelect” or “Listen only” at night.  

Within the channel profile settings, channel owners can turn on or off the ability for users to post images or text, and can also require users to verify their phone and email before they can join the channel. Users can red flag any inappropriate images, posts, or profile pictures while on the channel. Zello Support reviews these flagged items on a regular basis. Post your community guidelines in your channel profile description, so people know what to expect. 

We want Zello channels to be fun and welcoming to all, so please see the Community and Moderator Guidelines in the Zello Support Forum for more info and Happy Channeling!

Questions? Submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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