Helpful Tips for Owners of Channels

Here are some tips on the setup, trending, and promotion of your channel. The following options for setup and trending are found on the Create channel Profile page:

1. Setup:
• Select a unique channel name that is not too long and easy to spell.
• Set a channel type (Anybody can talk, Zelect, Listen only, or password required). See Channel Types for more information on channel types.
• Select one predominant language for the channel. For example, selecting English as the channel language means that people whose Zello profile languages include English will see your channel displayed. The language should match the channel language and description.
• Put your channel rules in the Channel Description. Explain if the channel is 18+ for adult language, topics, or to keep kids out. State your blocking guidelines – like English speakers only, or if you have zero tolerance and/or no warnings are given before a user is blocked.
• Set 18+ if you allow explicit language or talking about adult topics, to prevent children from entering.
• Include a personal voice introduction to make your channel more inviting.

2. Trending:
• The Trending Lists display all active channels with users talking and at least one mod or the owner present in the channel.
• The Trending Lists give channels visibility. If you’re interested in promoting your channel, you will want to display your channel in the Trending List. By default, active channels are shown in the Trending Lists. If you’d rather not be displayed, set Show in Trending to “No”.
• There are two Trending Lists: the Default Trending List for general audience or G-rated channels, and a separate 18+ Trending List which is only displayed if “All” is selected in the Trending List settings.

3. Promoting:
• Promote your channel via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or SMS. More active users on your channel will move it up the Trending Lists.
• Share your channel by sending invites to your friends. See "How can I share a channel?" for more information on sending invites on the iPhone.
• Create a YouTube video describing your Zello channel.
• Tweet your Twitter fans when your channel is active, so they can join the conversation.


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