What Makes a Channel Successful?

If you own a public channel and you want to attract more subscribers, then this article is for you. A channel is only as good as its owner and moderators - without that base of support, channels usually fizzle out from inactivity or explode into a sea of chaos or ill-feelings. Most people want channels that are well-run, friendly, and clearly defined. People like to find channels that they can connect with, and participate in, without fear of being judged or blocked for no reason. 

If you observe channels that consistently rank high in Trending, they often share these common traits:    

Traits of Successful Trending Channels

  • The owner checks in regularly to keep the channel active and under control at all times.   
  • Moderators are carefully chosen for their ability to stay calm and enforce Zello community guidelines. See Zello Community Guidelines
  • The channel guidelines are clearly defined in the Channel Description field for all new users to view before joining.
  • There is a team of moderators, often taking shifts, so that at least 1 moderator is online at all times.
  • The owner and mods keep the channel active by welcoming and encouraging people to participate. Not talking is not a valid reason to block a user. 
  • The owner and moderators know and respect each other.  They have a common goal and vision for the channel. They all work together to make it happen.
  • The channel is a safe and welcoming environment. There is always adequate moderation or filters (such as using Zelect or muting untrusted users) to stop trolls from taking over the channel. 
  • They promote their channel by using social media such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. They get recommended by other channels. 
  • They attract new subscribers to the channel by using the Invite friends feature in Zello (iPhone only). 
  • They think of fun events to engage users with, such as discussing interesting topics of the day, doing talent shows, playing word/trivia games, or holding scheduled events such as karaoke night.
  • Lastly, but most importantly, they have FUN! They welcome all types of people, from all parts of the world, and keep the drama to a minimum. 

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