How to Move Your Channel Up the Trending List

Zello’s trending list promotes active channels and makes your channel visible to new subscribers. If you don’t want your channel displayed on the trending list, go to the channel profile page and set “Show in trending” to No.

Channels move up and down on the trending lists based on current activity. To be approved, channels also need to follow Zello guidelines for conduct. See the Zello Community Guidelines and Owner/Moderator Guidelines for more information.

NOTE: 18+ channels are not displayed on the Filtered trending list. To view all trending channels, set Trending channels to All as explained in How to Use the Trending Lists.

Trending channels require:

1. At least one mod or the owner online.
2. Active conversation.

Trending is not affected by:

1. Total channel subscribers. Trending works as well for two subscribers or one million subscribers.
2. The number of online users. Passive users are fine, but they won’t help. Fake users are just noise.

3. The number of red flags submitted against it. 

Channels are removed from trending for:

1. Blatant disregard of Zello’s guidelines or Terms of Service.
2. Consistent illegal, pornographic, violent or racist conversations.
3. Obscenity within the channel name, profile picture or both.

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