Can I send pre-recorded voice messages to my channel?

Yes! The Zello PC app allows broadcasting of pre-recorded messages to channels where you are an owner, administrator, or a moderator.  This is done by running the Zello PC app in a command line passing the parameters described below.  You can use Windows Scheduler to run the command line at a given time(s) or you can create an app using any programming language to schedule different recordings to be played at different times and in response to different events.

/contact -- Required. The name of the channel to send audio to

/audio -- Required. The full path to audio file. The file must be in WAV format.

/report -- Optional. The path to the file where the operation result (success or fail) will be written. If a file already exists, it will be appended. You can use this file to audit which messages were sent, when they were sent, and to use for troubleshooting.

/timeout -- Optional. Operation timeout in seconds. Defaults to 30 seconds.

Here is a valid command line example where the channel name is "This game has no name", and the audio clip to be broadcast is named "Audioclip.wav". There is a timeout of 2 seconds, so if the message cannot be sent in 2 seconds, it fails.   
"C:\Program Files\Zello\Zello.exe" /contact="This game has no name"  /audio="E:\Voice\Audioclip.wav" /report="E:\Voice\log.txt" /timeout=2


NOTE:  Your Zello PC app must be configured to use an account which has owner, administrator, or moderator access in the selected channel; otherwise, the message will not be sent.

Find more info and additional options at Github 

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