Channel Moderators vs. Channel Administrators

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Channel owners can assign moderators and administrators to help manage their channel. The differences between these two roles are outlined below.

Channel Moderators

Moderators can assist with channel moderation by taking the following actions against disruptive channel subscribers:

  • Block: The user will not be able to access the channel either permanently or for a specified period of time.
  • Prohibit talking: The user will experience a timed block.
  • Bounce: The user will be temporarily removed and able to rejoin the channel immediately.
  • If you have a Zelect or Zelect+ channel, moderators will have the option to Trust a user or Revoke trusted status. Revoking their trusted status will remove them from these types of channels.

Channel Administrators

Channel administrators have more channel privileges than moderators. In addition to assisting with channel moderation, administrators can also:

  • Assign or remove channel moderators
  • Edit channel picture and description
  • Send channel alerts


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