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Statuses allow you to customize how you receive messages on Zello and whether you hear them live or not. For a full breakdown of what each status means, please reference this support article.

What is Standby status?

If a contact appears in Standby status, you will not be able to send a message to them in real-time.

Standby status will appear under the following conditions:

  • The contact's device has lost connection.
  • The contact has turned off their device or stopped Zello from running.
  • The contact has changed their Status to Offline.

Standby status cannot be selected by the user. It appears automatically and reverts back to Available or Busy when the connection is reestablished or the user logs back on. 

Can I send messages to a contact on Standby?

While a contact in standby status will not receive messages in real-time, you can still send them messages.

Any sent messages will be played in the order they were received when the user switches their status to Available. If the user had their status set to Busy before they switched to Standby, missed messages will be displayed on the History screen.

Will I receive messages from channels while on Standby?

Unlike contact messages, missed messages from channels will not be queued for playback when a connection is reestablished. Missed channel messages cannot be recovered.

Users set to Standby can still receive channel alerts if the sender chooses to alert all channel members.

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