Please fix translation or add my language to Zello

You can make translation suggestions/improvements by going to the translation portal at  Instructions on how to become an approved language moderator and use the translation portal are below.  


1. Email to become a registered language moderator.  In the email provide the following information:

   -  Your full name and email

   -  Your Zello usernames

   -  Language you want to translate

  -  Preferred translation username

  -  LinkedIn, Facebook, business website, or other proof of identity

  -  Previous translation experience (optional)

We will review your information and, if approved, we will send you an email with your translation username to use for login. 

2. Go to to log into the translation portal (Pootle) with the username provided.

3. Pick your project:


3. Pick your language:


4. Click on one of the links from 'Summary' column:

You will see translation workflow screen:


4. Type in your suggested translation for the English label displayed and then click on  "Suggest" or "Submit":

Use 'Next'  and 'Previous' to navigate between labels in current set. 

5. You can  specify what you want to review:

Click on the 'Review' tab to see the list of system checks where the system takes over the translation file.  One of the most important checks is 'Unchanged'.  It contains labels that are the same in English file:


Questions? Submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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