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Ever since our launch, we have taken extra precautions to ensure that Zello remains a safe and fun environment for all its users.  We value your privacy and security.  Also, we hate spam and will never spam your phone contacts.  To ensure you will never receive unwanted contacts or be subjected to unwanted spam, there are several features built into Zello to reduce this kind of activity:


Safety Measures: 

  • When adding contacts, always make sure you know who the person is before accepting friend requests.  You can add contacts by using their Zello username (if they have one), e-mail invites, or SMS invites.  However, the other person has to “accept” your request before they can be added to your contact list.  This prevents unwanted people or strangers from being added automatically to your Contacts list.  If you receive a friend request, or authorization request, you can accept, decline, or block the request.  A Decline is a temporary state, and you may be asked again.  A Block is permanent, and prevents any further invites from that person. 
  • If you use Zello for group chats between your friends, family, and co-workers, it is highly recommended you use a password-protected or private channel.  If you use any other channel type and you do not decline to be shown on the Trending List, your channel may be shown on the Trending List for all to see and hear.  Private password-protected channels are never shown on the Trending List. 
  • To prevent people attempting to hack your account, never give out your password for either your Zello account or your email password.  Hackers can conceivably try to reset your password using the password recovery feature (which requires your e-mail) and then take over your account.  Ensure your passwords are strong.  The longer and more complicated, the less likely a hacker can guess your password.  For added security, go to and make sure to verify your email and check off "Allow email and password change only through website". This will send you a email whenever someone attempts to change your email without your knowledge. If you encounter a hacking experience, report it immediately to .  
  • Report violations and abusive behavior by using the flagging feature.  On each user profile and channel profile there is a little red flag icon next to the profile picture.  If you see a user or channel violating the terms of service or community guidelines as stated in , you can report them by tapping on the red flag.  Violations will be sent to, and tracked by, our support team.  If warranted, severe violations involving child endangerment and illegal activities will be forwarded to law enforcement.       

Using Zello Parental Controls: 

The most important safety feature if you are the parent of a young child is the parental control settings, found in the Settings option on the main menu.  This is called “Restrictions/lock” under the IPhone “Settings” option and “Restrictions” under Android “Options”.  With the Restrictions/lock feature, you can lock the settings for using Contacts and Channels with a passcode that only you (and your spouse) know.  For example, if you want your child to have only certain contacts and certain channels, add those for your child first and then use “Restrictions” to turn OFF the ability to see the Trending List, add/remove contacts, receive invites, add/remove channels, receive channel invites, or modify accounts.  This feature will give you peace of mind that your child will not do or see things not appropriate for them.  Kids love Zello because it acts just like a walkie-talkie and is so easy that even a 3-year-old could use it.  Use parental controls to keep it a safe and fun experience for them and one less worry for you.


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