Frequently asked questions about volunteer translators for Zello:

QUESTION: How do I sign up to be a translator?
ANSWER: Go to Please-fix-or-add-my-language- for steps on becoming registered and using Zello@Translate.

QUESTION: What kinds of translations can I do?
ANSWER: You can pick from several projects and translate for as many languages as you are fluent in. The main projects are defined by platform (Android, iOS, Windows PC); plus there are other smaller projects for dictionary, release notes, terminology, and the website.

QUESTION: Are there deadlines for translations?
ANSWER: No. You can work at your own pace and do as much or as little as you want.

QUESTION: Will I be paid for this work?
ANSWER: No, but if you do the bulk of translation for a language, your name will be mentioned in the Zello website as a contributor. 

QUESTION: Are my suggestions automatically accepted for the next release?
ANSWER:  Yes, as an approved  translation moderator, you can submit entries. Once an entry is submitted, it will be marked as translated and included in the next release. 

QUESTION: How do I change a previous translation that was submitted in error?
ANSWER: You cannot un-submit a translation entry, but you can find the entry and edit it.

QUESTION: What does the “Fuzzy” box on the translation page do?
ANSWER: We do not use the “Fuzzy” option, just leave it unchecked.

QUESTION: Can I search for all my translation suggestions?
ANSWER: No, but each suggestion will show the username of the person who translated it.

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