How does ZelloWork differ from free Zello for consumers?

ZelloWork Push-to-Talk is a better option for businesses and organizations because it provides more control, more security and assigned group channels. Subscribing to ZelloWork includes the following services:

  1. Private network: ZelloWork provides you with a secure, private network. You have full control over who can access your network and with whom they can communicate within your network.
  2. Dedicated servers: ZelloWork operates on a physically separate network of servers that are specifically sized to meet the capacity needs of businesses. The consumer Zello app, on occasion, may be affected by peak usage that can be unpredictable.
  3. Management console: ZelloWork uses a web-based management interface to allow businesses to configure and control users and channels. It also shows user status at-a-glance and account management features.
  4. Secure: ZelloWork offers the highest level of security using RSA 1024-bit for authorization, digital signatures, secure media session keys exchange and AES 256-bit encryption for audio and call alerts.
  5. LMR integration: ZelloWork includes a gateway solution that seamlessly integrates your existing two-way radio network and smartphones.
  6. Technical support: ZelloWork customers have 24/7 access to a dedicated technical support team. The Zello support policy has more information.
  7. Cloud History: ZelloWork makes all voice messages, photos, and text enabled call alerts easily accessible from the management console. This is an optional feature, with an additional cost. 
  8. Windows Mobile support: ZelloWork supports Windows Mobile CE as well as Windows Embedded Handheld devices, making it easier to use existing mobile scanners as push-to-talk devices. 
  9. User Roles: ZelloWork allows administrators to choose who their users can hear and speak to within a channel. Driver and dispatch roles can be created, so drivers do not have to hear each other within a channel to reduce noise and distractions while driving. Broadcast channels can be created to make important announcements, without having everyone reply within the same channel.
  10. API & SDK: ZelloWork has Windows and Android SDKs which can be used to simplify use between multiple applications. These are available for accounts with at least 400 users or more. The server side API is available to anyone with a ZelloWork account.
  11. Location Tracking: The ZelloWork console offers a real-time mapping feature which displays channel user's current location on OpenStreetMap, device battery level, and speed of travel. A Premium Map upgrade adds Google Maps and traffic services, along with Location History (bread-crumb trail).  
  12. Crosslink: ZelloWork channels can link to other ZelloWork channels that are not in the same organization or network. For example, your company's channel can link to a third-party or vendor's ZelloWork channel. 

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