Enabling radio gateway mode in Zello for Windows free app

Important note: This article describes experimental feature, which is subject to change in the future. The setup requires above average technical skill. Zello will not provide technical support related to radio gateway feature to free app users.

To use this feature, you will need to download the Zello PC app: https://zello.com/data/ZelloSetup.exe

To enable radio gateway mode in your Zello app on Windows PC:

1. Create a free Zello account which you will use for the gateway

2. Add the account to one or more channels, where you want the gateway to connect

3. In the list of contacts select those channels (hold Ctrl to select multiple), then use menu Tools > Create group...  Enter "Zello Gateway" as group name and click OK. You must use that group name exactly.

4. Exit Zello app using Menu > Exit

5. Locate Zello.config file. It's normally can be found in %localppdata%\Zello folder

6. Open the file in any text editor, locate attribute named SetGatewayMode and change its value to true.

7. Save the changed file.

8. Start Zello app. Now it will start in radio gateway mode and you can proceed to configuration of the gateway options under Tools > Options > Radio


For a reference of radio gateway options please check this support article.


Questions? Submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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    Hello Zello

    Nice feature !!!!! :-) in the free version, is i possible to be geta tester


    Lars (OZ5LLM)


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    Forget "SetGatewayMode":true


    Now it´s running :-)


    Thanks Zello