Set up Dellking devices with Zello


1. Pair the Dellking device with your Android. 

2. In "Push-to-talk button" options, nothing should be selected for Dellking like the image below.

4. Go back to the talk screen and make sure Bluetooth is selected in the bottom left options.

Android bluetooth.png

5. You are done setting up the Dellking. Press the PTT button to start using!


1. Pair your Dellking device with the iPhone/iPad/iPod. 

2. Open Zello > Menu > Push to talk button > Enable "Headset / remote control"


3. You are done setting up the Dellking. Go back to a user and press the PTT button to start using!

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    Do not buy beware that will not work with iPhone iOS 9.3.1 With Zello 3.16 as April 5 2016. Even with android device will not work. Note that initially it worked well until software updates by Zello came into place.
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    Firmware update enables H2 Dellking Ptt to work with iOS but unit will lose connection when other app uses audio. For instance YouTube playback will stop ptt from working with Zello.

    H2 will work fine with android.