What are Premium Channels?

Premium channels let owners charge a small fee to their subscribers for quality conversations around topics of their choosing.

You can join Premium Channels using the latest Android and Apple Zello versions. Premium Channels are not available for PC, Blackberry, or Windows Phone.

How it works

  1. Create a new channel and turn on the Premium channel option. Provide a PayPal email address that is current so Zello can pay you for each subscriber at the end of each month. You can create Premium channels if you live in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Russia. IMG_5943.PNG
  2. Share free passes with your friends to allow them free entry to your channel. This option is under the channel profile, where you can also assign moderators and admins. Any admins assigned to your channel will not have to pay for the channel after their pass expires. IMG_5944.PNG
  3. Share your Premium channel with your Zello contacts and on social media. Zello will pay you a third of the subscriber’s fees at the end of each month. Even though owners can only be from certain countries, subscribers can be from anywhere in the world!
  4. Maintain your channel. Passes for your subscribers only last one month, so make sure you’re keeping your users updated with fresh material so they keep coming back each month.

You can subscribe to a Premium channel from anywhere in the world. Channels will be clearly marked as Premium and you’ll be prompted to purchase a pass before you can join.

At the moment, we don’t offer refunds so listen carefully to the channel introduction before purchasing a pass to a channel to make sure you’ll be interested in their topics.

Email support@zello.com if you have any questions.


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