Creating a channel broadcast widget

Zello now offers channel owners the opportunity to broadcast live channel conversations to anyone in the world - even to non-Zello users. With just a few easy steps, you can make your channel conversations public and global by adding a audio widget to your channel page or website.

NOTE: Widgets cannot be created for Zelect+ or password-protected channels.

To create a widget: 

Step 1. Access your account by signing at

Step 2. Select the My channels tab, find the channel you want to broadcast, and select the Edit icon to the right of the channel name. In this example, we are creating a widget for the channel named "Austin Events 2018":


Step 3. Scroll down to Channel options and enable "Allow anonymous listeners". Save your changes and Close the popup.


The widget is automatically added to your Zello channel page, where anyone can listen to active conversations anonymously. The widget also displays the number of users online on the channel, and the Zello username of whoever who is speaking on the channel. The widget is "listen only". You cannot talk to the channel from the widget.

Got a website? Click on the Share Channel Widget icon to display HTML code that you can use to embed the widget on your website, enhancing your website content with voice communications. Once the widget is embedded, make sure the speaker is not muted.


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