Voice-Activated Mode (Android)

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This feature is only available for Android users.

Voice-activated (VOX) mode allows you to use Zello hands-free by using your voice to trigger a transmission.

Activating VOX Mode

1. Tap the vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Select Options.

3. Select Push-to-talk buttons.

4. Select VOX button.

5. Toggle on Show button on the talk screen.


Using VOX Mode

Once you've activated VOX mode by following the steps above, you will see a blue sound wave icon at the bottom of the talk screen. 


When the sound wave icon is blue, VOX mode is enabled.

If you want to switch back to push-to-talk mode, tap the sound wave icon until it turns gray.

To avoid unintended transmissions, VOX mode automatically disables when the screen turns off or the user leaves the talk screen.

Adjusting VOX Settings

From the VOX button settings page, you can adjust the following options:

  • Keep VOX enabled when screen is locked: Enables VOX mode to continue even when your device's screen turns off.
  • Activation sensitivity: Sets the sensitivity level to activate transmissions. Low can be triggered by quiet sounds, while Extreme is only triggered by very loud sounds.
  • Tailor activation to the human voice: Sets the sensitivity level to activate an algorithm that filters out background noise.
  • Activation time (ms): Sets the amount of time that must elapse in order for VOX to begin sending a message. 
  • Deactivation time (ms): Sets the amount of time that must elapse at the end of a message to end VOX. 


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