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Verifying Your Email Address

Upon creating your Zello Friends & Family account, you will receive an email to the address you provided with a link to confirm your account. Once you press the link provided in this email, your email address will be verified.

If you do not verify your email address when you receive that initial email, you can resend the email after logging into your account here.

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Not Receiving Verification Email

If you are not receiving the confirmation email, it may be related to your email server rejecting our emails as spam. This usually occurs on email addresses using custom or less common names in the extension.

Try using an account from a more common email provider (i.e. To change the email address connected to your Zello account, follow the steps outlined in this support article.

You do not need to verify your email address to use Zello Friends & Family, although certain channels require a verified email to join. This setting can be adjusted by the channel owner.

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