URGENT: iOS 13 may terminate Zello while running in the background

If you are planning to upgrade to iOS 13, be aware that Zello and Zello Work may not reliably work in the background any longer. iOS 13 may unexpectedly terminate Zello and not notify the user. 

While the app is closed, any messages received from one-on-one contacts will generate push notifications. Missed messages from contacts will be queued and played once the user is re-connected. However, any channel messages will not be sent, queued, or saved to your history while you are disconnected. There is no way to recover the missed channel messages.

If Zello has been terminated, you will need to manually restart Zello.

We have been working with Apple to resolve the issue causing this behavior, but there is no workaround yet. We will post here with updates as we have them available. In the meantime, do not upgrade to iOS 13 until further notice. There is no way to revert to an older iOS once upgrade is completed. 

UPDATE 9/28:  With expedited help from Apple, we were able to isolate the cause of this issue. We implemented a workaround in version 4.74 which is in beta on TestFlight right now. Once we know how well the workaround is working for a broader audience, we will decide our next step.

UPDATE 10/10: Version 4.74 is now available in the App Store and offers some improvement, but we are working on another update which should perform even better. Stayed tuned for updates.

UPDATE 10/22: Version 4.75 is now available in the App Store and should improve this issue considerably. Please submit a problem report if you still experience disconnections while running in the background. To submit a report, go to Options > Support > Report a problem.  


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