What Bluetooth and wired accessories will work with Zello?

We do not manufacture or sell accessories; however, we partner with several accessory manufacturers to provide our users with a wide variety of hands-free options. We support devices including rugged phones, network radios, headsets, speaker/mics, and remote buttons. Accessories are classified as certified (integrated with Zello) or uncertified (off the shelf).

Zello Certified Accessories

Certified accessories have been tested in-house to work with Zello in push-to-talk mode while running in the background. Zello will do its best to provide technical support for these accessories after purchase.

Uncertified Accessories 

Other Bluetooth and wired accessories may work with Zello under certain conditions, but we cannot guarantee they will work or provide any technical assistance. They may also be limited to working in toggle mode or foreground mode only. 

If you plan to use an uncertified device, we recommend purchasing a few to test with and confirm that it works as expected before purchasing in bulk. Many devices will list the Zello logo on their website and/or packaging, but only items on our Certified Accessories list have been tested and validated by Zello. 

Off-the-shelf Bluetooth or wired accessories may work under these conditions: 

  • The Bluetooth device has a handset profile and hands-free profile available for playback and recording. If you can make a phone call, you can likely use Zello on it
  • The wired headset includes a microphone that can be used for recording and playback
  • The wired headset allows you to make a phone call. The answer/end button can be used for Zello in toggle mode. This includes all standard Apple headsets, as well as Android-compatible wired headsets
  • Some Bluetooth devices that use the audio/video remote control profile can be used to map a forward/backward button for Zello use.

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