Assigning a Default Channel/Contact

Assigning a default channel or contact pins it to the top of the list for easier access. It may be useful if you primarily interact with a single channel or contact or if you’re using Zello on a screenless network radio.

You can only assign one default channel or contact at a time.

What does assigning a default channel/contact do?

If you have a default channel or contact assigned, that talk screen will appear automatically when you open Zello. 

After twenty seconds of inactivity with a different channel or contact, you will automatically be switched back to the default channel or contact. A notification will play when this occurs.

How does a default channel/contact appear?

The channel or contact will appear with a pin icon at the top of the channels or contacts list.

How do I assign a default channel/contact?

From the channel or contact talk screen, select the menu icon in the upper right corner (drop-down on Android, three dots on iOS). Select Set as default.

On Android devices, you can also press and hold on the channel or contact name from the list and select Set as default.

On iOS devices, you can swipe left on the channel or contact name and select the blue pin icon.


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