authentication server down?

Can't locate authentication server... unable to connect to zello


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    unable to connect through wifi on pic or via smart phone app, not wifi

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    I do not know if that's my problem but It seems mine is not connected because although I been authorized by my contacts, I cannot use it their names looked disable awaiting for authorazation

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    Simple change your local ISP DNS to Public DNS.

    for PC use DNS Jumper

    for Android use SetDNS (on rooted phone)


    Good Luck, and have a nice chat...

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    Dear zello company
    First of all I would like to thank youbabout this programme
    It s give me chance to know peoples from every where in the world like they are front of me face to face
    I sepend mor than 16 hours youse this programme
    I create my channel: آلَنـ♥ـآسـ♥ـ آلَرآقـ♥ـيـ♥ـهّ to bring good people sharing him knowledge arts good subject my rolls in the channel no talk about religion police ethnic or say injured words
    I need fromvyour companyvto support my channel may aims to put my channel in a filter
    To brings big number of visitors. F share every benefits can we get it from any visitor

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    Clive KP260

    Unable to connect to Zello on windows 8 pc can't find authencation server

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    I know this is random but I can't find the answer anywhere. What does the rating and rankings in the channel mean

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