Ways to Use Channels

Channels are unique to Zello.  No other app can do what Zello channels can do.  You can think of a Zello channel as a hyped-up CB radio channel.  It allows you to communicate with other people, up to 5000 at a time.  People who have Zello installed can add (subscribe to) an unlimited number of existing channels or create their own channels.  There is no limit to the number of subscribers allowed per channel.  Zello channels can help in coordination, information sharing, or as a social radio platform.


A Zello channel is perfect for coordinating large groups of people who are scattered in a wide area.  For example, Zello can be used to coordinate groups traveling together, in car rallies, attending weddings, amusement parks, sports events, and even large political rallies.  Zello replaces the need for 2-way radios and is ideal for businesses that have employees located in many different areas of the city, state, or world.  Companies using Zello and Zello@Work include freight and moving companies, taxi services, delivery services, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, restaurants, and construction companies, to name a few.    


Sharing information is another major use for channels.  Say you are a hobbyist and you like to restore cars.  You can create your own channel called “Car Restoration Club” and invite your friends to join your channel and chat about car restoration.  You can make this a private channel by using a password, or open it up for anybody to participate by making it an “Anybody can talk” or “Zelect” channel type.  If you don’t want to create a channel and rather join an existing channel, you can use the “Find channel” function.  You can find existing topic-specific channels by typing in keywords or topics, such as "cars" for our previous example.  A listing of all the channels containing the keyword(s) will display to select from.  There are over 200,000 active channels on Zello, so you are bound to find something interesting to participate in.  You can also find channels to join by listening to channels displayed in the Trending Lists.  If you find a channel you like, go to the channel profile and select "Add."      

Social Radio

Zello can also be a social radio platform for you or a business. This can be a great way to advertise your business.  If you are an aspiring radio host, you can use Zello for podcasting or doing radio shows.  For this type of show, you would use the “Listen only” or broadcast-only channel type.  Only the owner and mods can talk, but anybody can listen.  Make sure to promote your Zello podcast or radio show through social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), with the times and dates of the broadcasts.  Invite guest speakers and make them mods so they can participate in an interactive chat with each other.  Send out invites to people who would be interested in listening to your podcasts or radio shows.   

 If you need step-by-step information on how to use channels, go to the User Guides for IPhone and Android located in the Support forum https://support.zello.com/home

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