Zello Friends & Family vs. Zello Work

Which version of Zello should I use?

If you are using Zello to socialize with friends, family, and other Zello users around the world, Zello Friends & Family is for you. Zello Friends & Family is free to use.

If you are using Zello to help you with your job, Zello Work is a better option since it provides a wide array of additional features specifically catered to the workplace. Zello Work is a paid subscription service.

What additional features does Zello Work have?

Zello Work includes the following features which are not available on Zello Friends & Family:

  1. Private Network: Zello Work provides you with a secure, private network. You have full control over who can access your network and with whom they can communicate.
  2. Dedicated Servers: Zello Work operates on a physically separate network of servers that are specifically sized to meet the capacity needs of businesses. 
  3. Secure end-to-end encryption: Zello Work offers encryption for all one-to-one and channel communications.
  4. Management Console: Zello Work uses a web-based management interface to allow businesses to configure and control users and channels. It also shows user statuses and account management features at-a-glance. Admins can automatically log in users by using SignOn Links
  5. User Roles: Zello Work allows administrators to choose who their users can hear and speak to within a channel. Driver and Dispatch roles can be created to reduce noise and distractions while driving. Broadcast channels can be created to make important announcements to everyone.
  6. Location Tracking: The Zello Work console offers a real-time mapping feature which displays channel user's current location, device battery level, and speed of travel. A Premium Map upgrade adds Google Maps and traffic services along with Location History.
  7. Message Vault: Zello Work makes all voice messages, photos, texts, and text-enabled call alerts easily accessible from the management console. This is an optional feature with an additional cost.
  8. Dispatch Hub: Dispatch Hub offers the same functionality as the Zello Work app, but in a desktop version. Dispatch Hub is available to be downloaded for both Mac and Windows, so Zello Work can be used across operating systems.
  9. On-Premise ServerHost Zello Work on your own local WiFi or LAN network for the ultimate control and privacy. The On-Premise Server is available with a one-time license fee and user licenses are sold in packs of 20. Technical support is free for the first year. 
  10. LMR Integration: Zello Work includes a radio gateway solution that seamlessly integrates your existing two-way radio network and smartphones.
  11. API & SDKs: Zello Work has Windows, iOS, and Android SDKs to integrate Zello Work within your own app. These are available for all Zello Work accounts to use.  
  12. Crosslink: Zello Work channels can link to other Zello Work channels that are not in the same organization or network. For example, your company's channel can link to a third-party or vendor's Zello Work channel.
  13. Emergency Alerts: Zello Work's Emergency Alerts feature allows users to send messages notifying a designated channel of an emergency situation with the touch of a talk screen button.
  14. Clone User Feature: You can use this feature to add new users and admins by cloning an existing record.
  15. Smart Device and Audio Accessory Support: The right devices and audio accessories empower Zello users to talk safely and clearly in loud environments. All accessories come with dedicated push-to-talk buttons and in some cases panic buttons.
  16. Import User Feature: With Zello Work, you can do a bulk import to quickly add or update a large number of users simultaneously. 
  17. QuickConnect: With QuickConnect enabled, transmissions in channels can attain near-zero latency, comparable to the latency on a two-way radio. 
  18. Single Sign-On: Enterprise clients can utilize SSO for their Zello Work network to ensure a secure, standardized, and easier sign-in process. 
  19. User Templates: Admins can create User Templates to define custom settings for specific users.
  20. SOC 2, Type II Compliance: Zello Work has achieved SOC 2, Type II compliance.
  21. Dispatch Analytics: If your team includes dispatchers, Dispatch Analytics provides insights into their daily activities on Zello Work.
  22. Deployment via MDM: Zello Work supports remote accounts provisioning using mobile device management (MDM). The solution is based on the AppConfig standard supported by all major MDM vendors.
  23. Transcriptions: Zello Work's transcriptions feature automatically converts speech to text for more seamless, streamlined, and accessible communication. 
  24. Technical Support: Zello Work customers have 24/7 access to a dedicated technical support team. 

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