iOS Settings Guide

To access your settings, select “Options” from the menu.


You can change or turn off audio features.

Bluetooth:  Turns support for Bluetooth accessories on and off. 

Mix with other audio:  When this option is turned on, Zello's audio will not interrupt audio from other apps (such as the Music app).  Instead, it will mix with them. If this option is turned off, Zello may stop or interrupt audio from other non-mixed apps.

Airplay mode:  Enables you to broadcast Zello over Apple Airplay.  You cannot send messages when this mode is enabled.

Playback amplifier (dB): Move slider to the left to lower amplification or to the right to increase amplification.

Recording amplifier (dB): Move slider to the left to lower amplification or to the right to increase amplification.

Microphone boost: Move slider to the left to lower microphone sensitivity or to the right to increase sensitivity.

Alert tones / vibrate


You can change or turn off audio features.

Alert volume: Move the slider to the left make the audio alerts softer or to the right to make alerts louder.

Ready to send: Indicates you can talk.

Talk button up: Indicates you’ve released the talk button.

Incoming message: You have a message.

Incoming message ended: You’ve reached the end of the message.

Error: An error has occurred.

Incoming alert: You have an call alert.

Channel alert:  You have a channel alert.

Connection lost: You’ve been disconnected from the network.

Connection restored: You’re reconnected to the network.

Signed in from a difference device: Your account is logged in to Zello on another device.

Image messaging: You've received an image from a contact or channel. 

Delivery delayed:  The message cannot be sent real-time because there is no Internet connection to send and/or receive.  Once the connection is restored, the message will be sent automatically. 

Customize alerts:  Allows you to use your own sound clips or another alert tone from our library instead of the default alert tone.


You can change or turn off vibration alerts iOS plays when you get a call, alert, message or other event.

Ready to send: Indicates you can talk.

Incoming message: New message received.

Missed message: Missed message when in Busy mode.


Incoming message when in the background: When Zello isn’t in front, a popup appears notifying you have a message.


Keep message history: Allow or disallow saving messages in history.

Save sent images to "Photos": Sent images are saved to your library. 

Current account (your account name): The number in parenthesis tells you how many bytes you have saved in history for the current account.  Select “Delete” to clear history for this account.  You cannot restore messages once they are cleared.

  - History 

  - Image History

All:  The number in parenthesis tells you how many bytes you have saved in history for all accounts on the device. Select “Delete” to clear history for all accounts.  You cannot restore messages once they are cleared.

  - History

 -  Image History

Push To Talk button

Action:  There are 2 types of action you can set for the talk button (the big circle on the talk screen), "Toggle" or "Push and Hold" mode:

  - Toggle:  Press once to start transmission and then once again to stop transmission.  This is convenient when speaking for more than a few seconds and you don't want to keep your finger on the touchscreen.  

  - Push and hold:  Press and hold finger on the talk button until it turns solid red to transmit.  Release when done transmitting.  The circle turns solid orange when not transmitting, and solid green when receiving a message.

Wireless Zello button:  Turns on support for wireless Bluetooth buttons for hands-free operation of Zello and ZelloWork. The CodaWheel and CodaClick requires this option.  Use the wireless buttons with any headset of your choice. 

Headset / remote control:  Use the headset or remote control button as the PTT button. If a user has a headset plugged into the audio connector that supports remote control, the user can use it to control the talk screen. The play button can work like the talk button and fast forward and reverse buttons can switch between recent contacts.  

Change status to "Available" on Push To Talk button press:  If you are in Busy mode, this option automatically changes your status to Available when you touch the talk button. 


Restrictions lock: Primarily used for parental control, this option allows you to lock your settings and prevent changes by unauthorized users. Select “Enable lock” and enter a PIN to use to lock your settings.

Trending: Select “Filtered” to view trending channels appropriate for general audience. Select "All" to see both Filtered and 18+ channels. Select "Off" to remove trending lists entirely..

Image messaging: Allow or disallow the sending of images to contacts and channels.

Show all photos: Allow or disallow the displaying of photos received from contacts or channels.

Add or remove contact: Allow or disallow adding and removing contacts.

Contact invitations: Allow or disallow receiving connection (contact) invitations.

Add or remove channels: Allow or disallow adding and removing channels.

Channel invitations: Allow or disallow receiving channel invitations.

Modify Zello Accounts: Allow or disallow editing of Zello accounts.


Allows you to select from 1 of 3 themes: Default light, Classic dark, or camouflage.


Help: Allows you to open a support ticket to request help or ask questions about Zello. Also provides links to the Zello Knowledge Base and forums.

Report a problem: Submit problem reports immediately after a problem occurs to send a log file from the device to Support for debugging purposes.

Third party info: Information about the third party apps Zello uses. 

Advanced network: Settings for advanced users who want to modify Zello call delivery and networking variables.

  - Asynchronous message delivery:

  - Call pre-setup

Networking (Mobile)

  - Use TCP only

  - Keep alive interval(s)

Networking (WiFi)

  - Use TCP only

  - Keep alive interval(s)  


Questions? Submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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