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To access the options page, tap the vertical dots iconin the upper right corner. From there, select Options.


From the profile page, you can edit your display name, user picture, bio, preferred languages, and a website if you have one. You can also manage your blocked contacts, change your password, set your email address and phone number, and delete your account.


From the accounts page, you can switch between Zello accounts if you have multiple. You can also create new accounts by selecting the icon in the lower right corner.


Language: Select your preferred language.

Theme: Select from white, black, or system to match the theme of your device.

Font size: Adjusts the font size of text within the app.

Lock screen orientation: When toggled on, this prevents the screen from turning when moving the phone from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa.


Adjust volume on incoming messages: When toggled on, the volume of incoming messages will increase after ten minutes of inactivity.

Playback amplifier: Move the slider to the left to lower amplification or to the right to increase amplification.

Recording amplifier: Move slider to the left to lower amplification or to the right to increase amplification

Noise suppression: Toggle on to reduce background noise.

Apply audio mode only when a message is sent or played: Toggle on to conserve the battery of Bluetooth headsets.

Legacy Bluetooth mode: Enable if you are having trouble connecting older Bluetooth devices.

Push-to-talk buttons

Screen button: Adjust the desired action of the talk screen PTT button.

Volume down: Adjust the key code, PTT button action, and button contact of the volume key. 

PTT Headset (Legacy): Enable or disable Legacy Bluetooth mode and adjust button contact.

VOX button: Adjust settings for voice activated transmission buttons.

Recent contact overlay: Enable or disable recent contact overlay buttons.


Start Zello when phone powers on: Toggle on to make Zello automatically open when device is powered on.

Automatically activate a contact:  Drop-down menu provides the option to bring talk screen to forefront automatically when a message is received in background, when a message is received, or never.

Show on incoming message: Toggle on to bring Zello to forefront when you receive an incoming message.

And turn on the screen: Toggle on to automatically open the talk screen when you receive an incoming message.

Set Zello status to Busy when phone is in silent mode: Toggle on to automatically change your Zello status to Busy when you place your device in silent mode.

Set Zello status to Available when PTT button is pressed: Toggle on to automatically change status to Available when you activate the PTT button.

Save photos taken with the camera: Toggle on to automatically save photos taken with Zello's built-in camera.

Use system camera to take photos:  Toggle on to use the camera on your device instead of Zello's built-in camera.

Enable push notifications: Toggle on if you wish to receive push notifications from Zello.

Start on incoming voice message: Toggle on to automatically start Zello when receiving an incoming voice message.

Disable battery optimizations: Disable to allow Zello to stay online when the screen is turned off.

Wake up the device to keep Zello connected: Toggle on to keep screen from turning off while Zello is connected.


Alerts volume: Use the slider to increase or decrease the volume of incoming audio notifications.

For each alert type, you can set notifications to vibrate, play the default sound, play no sound, or upload a custom alert sound. To set a notification to vibrate, select the vibration icon. To toggle audio notifications on or off, select the speaker icon. To upload a custom sound, select the music note icon.


Automatically delete messages: The drop-down menu allows you to specify a time frame for storing messages in your conversation history.

Voice storage size: The drop-down menu allows you to specify the storage limit you wish to provide for audio messages.

Image storage size: The drop-down menu allows you to specify the storage limit you wish to provide for images.


Beneath the Zello logo, you will see the version number of Zello you have downloaded. If you reach out to our support team, please provide this version number to help us troubleshoot.

Help: Links to our knowledge base where you can search for support articles or submit a ticket to our support team.

Report a problem: Sends a problem log to Zello's support team to help us investigate issues.

Adjust permissions: Sends you to your device's settings to enable or disable permissions per your preferences.

Advanced settings: Allows you to adjust call setup, networking, security, and privacy settings. For more information on advanced settings, please reference this support article.

Third party info: Provides acknowledgment of copyrighted material used on Zello.

Privacy Policy: Learn more about the information Zello collects and your choices regarding our data practices.

Questions? Submit a new ticket for support-related inquiries.

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